Supporting young people, their families and carers, communities and schools.

Young people face very particular and challenging social issues. If children become disengaged with school at an early age, they are at greater risk of experiencing a range of hardships including unemployment, welfare dependence and mental health problems.

The benefits of continuous education for young people cannot be overstated; it opens up new worlds of interest and excitement, and they develop skills and confidence necessary to establish a vocation in life.

Imagined Futures has been working with at risk young people since 2014. We use an early intervention strategy to provide strong benefits not only for young people, but for the whole community.

Imagined Futures’ coalition of members are committing their resources, knowledge and experience to the complex issues experienced by young people.

Recent Project

Keeping Kids Engaged in School

Building resilience in young people and supporting their transition to high school. The project is increasing school attendance and supporting families to prioritise education.

Youth Partners


Other Imagined Futures Initiatives


Aiding the State Government’s 10 year strategy for ending homelessness.


Responding to issues faced by residents of suburbs with high density social housing.