The Imagined Futures approach recognises that complex social issues are beyond the capacity of any single organisation to resolve.

Collaborative Impact

The Imagined Futures partnership consists of members who live or work in the local government areas of Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville. Members come from a variety of sectors, including government and non-government human services, business and philanthropy, as well as the community.

Our vision is for all individuals and families in the South West Metropolitan region to be provided with the opportunity to achieve their full potential, participating effectively in all areas of life and living.

The partnership’s approach is informed by shared principles for collective impact, and has a proven track record of working collaboratively in a way that goes beyond information exchange, to developing shared strategies, actions and implementation.

Our Mission

To mobilise the collective resources of not-for-profit organisations, local, state and commonwealth government agencies, business and community members to provide all individuals and families in the South West Metropolitan region with the opportunity to enjoy quality of life.

Traditionally human services are delivered by a fragmented and diverse range of community, government and private sector agencies. These groups often work in isolation, targeting specific issues (such as mental health, crime, or homelessness) or cohorts of the population (such as young people, women or seniors).

The need for innovation has become more pressing in recent years as our economy has contracted, resources have diminished, and the demand for community services has increased. We believe the only way to effect large-scale social change is by mobilising the collective resources of our community.

Imagined Futures is recognised by the state government as the District Leadership Group for the South West Metropolitan Region. It is auspiced by St Patrick’s Community Support Centre Inc. and funded by the Department of Communities, the City of Cockburn, the City of Fremantle and the City of Melville.


Our initiatives


Supporting young people, their families and carers, communities and schools.


Aiding the State Government’s 10 year strategy for ending homelessness.


Responding to issues faced by residents of suburbs with high density social housing.