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Mental Health Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving higher rates of mental ill-health than ever seen before.   At a time when resources are stretched by the additional workload of COVID itself, the corresponding increase in mental health presentations is especially challenging.

In response, the Imagined Futures partnership is working together to improve access to treatment and support for people experiencing depression and anxiety across the local government areas of Cockburn, Fremantle, and Melville.

Recognising the critical role that GPs play in treating mental ill-health, part of the group’s focus has been on how to best support practitioner’s at this difficult time. After consulting with local GPs and the WA Primary Health Alliance, Imagined Futures has curated resources designed especially for GPs and their patient’s.

General Practice Resource Pack

Resource pack materials are designed to raise awareness about the importance of seeking help and to connect GPs and community members to local services. Resources include:

  • GP Referral Pathway Resource – easy to reference flowchart using age groups and mental health severity, and where to refer patients locally (also available for download at or search via
  • Mental health support brochures – lists local crisis, online, telephone, local face-to-face, and navigation services that patients can access without referral. These services can be used while waiting for a psychology appointment.
  • Waiting room posters – Public awareness campaign to reduce stigma and direct people to the online mental health support resource.

To download these resources, click on the headings in bold.

Mental Health Friendly GPs

When patients seek help for depression or other mental health concerns, often their first point of call is a General Practitioner (GP). Discussing mental health challenges can be difficult so it is important to refer patients to the right doctor they feel comfortable talking to. Mental health friendly GPs have skill and knowledge in mental health, and help support their patients on the road to recovery.

The Black Dog Institute ‘finding a mental health friendly doctor,’ is a helpful guide for patients to find the right GP. If your practice is looking at ways to become more mental health friendly, this useful guide provides some practical insight.

Finding a Mental Health Friendly Doctor

Mental Health Training and Education for General Practice

Dinner Workshop for GPs – 1st of December 2022

Treating anxiety and depression in young people in partnership Associate Professor Mat Coleman (consultant psychiatrist).

Increasing rates of mental ill-health are particularly evident in young people. In this interactive session, acclaimed Psychiatrist Associate Professor Mat Coleman will present the latest in recommended treatments for depression and anxiety in young people.

Representatives from local community mental health providers, including Lifeline WA and CAHMS will be on hand to answer questions about what they offer and what makes for a good referral/ partnership.

By connecting with local mental health providers, attendees will gain a better understanding of referral options and processes to help alleviate some of the pressures they are facing.

For further details go to Youth Mental Health GP Dinner Workshop Flyer

Registrations close on Friday 18th of November 2022.