Davis Park Precinct

Supporting residents to promote the building of social capital and facilitate strong community engagement.

Photo by Gregory J Smith
Imagined Futures – Davis Park is provided by St Patrick’s Community Support Centre Inc and funded by the State Government through the Department of Communities.

The Issue

Davis Park in Beaconsfield is an area of high density social housing (over 97%), and faces many complex challenges including anti-social behaviour, crime and vandalism. Residents have reported feeling fearful and socially isolated as they increasingly withdraw from their community. In addition, plans for redevelopment of the area are having a significant impact on families, and creating anxiety in many long term residents.

The Approach

Imagined Futures identified this as an area in particular need of a collective response. The Davis Park Working Group was formed in 2014, consisting of agencies and organisations working in the area. These agencies bring together their knowledge, experience and resources to address the range of complex issues and provide better outcomes for residents.

The Department of Communities has recently funded a Community Facilitator to assist the Working Group to build upon the significant work already undertaken and to provide greater support to residents. The facilitator is also working to encourage strong community engagement in the redevelopment process.

Our Impact


of a basketball court and playground, a community noticeboard, and additional lighting to improve safety.


of a pick up service for students to be taken to school via the PCYC breakfast club.


of many well-attended activities such as film nights, hip hop events, bike rescue sessions, Buster the Fun Bus, and yoga in the park.

Future Goals

The Davis Park Working Group has made considerable progress toward making the precinct a safer, more liveable community. However, the complexity of social challenges in the area requires a sustained approach that builds on existing relationships and lessons learned so far.

Our future ambitions include:

  • increasing the representation of residents in the Working Group

  • developing community projects and activities that build connection

  • connecting residents to local services

  • creating a positive, safer community atmosphere overall.

Image credit: Gregory J Smith