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Imagined Futures Annual Story 2021

The Imagined Futures partnership is pleased to present their Annual Story for 2021. In launching the report Chair of the partnership and CEO of St Patrick’s Community Support Centre Michael Piu said:  “During a time when the COVID-19 pandemic continued to challenge the community, and in turn those providing support, I am particularly proud to […]

Joining Forces to Tackle Depression

A partnership of government, businesses, philanthropists and community service providers called the Imagined Futures Alliance Against Depression*, is spear-heading a local public awareness campaign designed to reduce stigma for people experiencing depression and encourage people to reach out for support. With COVID-19 now at our doorstep many people are feeling anxious and uncertain about the […]

Alliance Against Depression Community Toolkit – Campaign Materials

The Alliance Against Depression (AAD) community toolkit provides campaign information and resources for stakeholder use.  The toolkit designed enables supporters of the AAD to select relevant materials appropriate for their intended audiences. AAD messages can be promoted at activities and events, including verbally, print and online. Promotion opportunities may include: AAD presentations Mental health training […]

Mental Health Friendly Doctor

When seeking help for depression or other mental health concerns, the first point of call is to talk to a General Practitioner (GP). Discussing mental health challenges can be difficult so it is important to find the right doctor that a person feels comfortable talking to. Mental health friendly GPs have skill and knowledge in […]

Mental Health Support Brochure

The Imagined Futures Alliance Against Depression worked in partnership with local service providers and counsels to develop a mental health support brochure. This brochure lists vetted support services local to Cockburn, Fremantle, and Melville. Services are free or low-cost and accessed without referral. To download the mental health support brochure click here  

Mental Health Support Resource

The Mental Health Support Resource is an information tile found on the Access My Community App. The resource lists local services for individuals and people supporting others. Services are free or low-cost, and are accessible without a referral or a Mental Health Care Plan. These services can be used alone, complement GP’s advice, and help […]

IFAAD Action Plan July 2021 – June 2022

The Imagined Futures Alliance Against Depression (IFAAD) has developed a 12-month plan to guide a coordinated whole of community approach to implementing the European Alliance Against Depression Framework across the local government areas of Cockburn, Fremantle, and Melville. The Alliance Against Depression framework, together with this plan, provide a mechanism for unlocking the power that […]