Imagined Futures Annual Story 2021

The Imagined Futures partnership is pleased to present their Annual Story for 2021.

In launching the report Chair of the partnership and CEO of St Patrick’s Community Support Centre Michael Piu said:  “During a time when the COVID-19 pandemic continued to challenge the community, and in turn those providing support, I am particularly proud to note that these trying times served to galvanise the partnership even further.”

Over the course of 2021 more than 60 partners came together to respond quickly to coordinate efforts around issues such as “Tent City’ in Pioneer park and the Accelerating Aboriginal Vaccination Drive, while at the same time delivering its strategic collective impact projects through working groups.

“We are entering the 9th year since the Imagined Futures partnership was established.  Over this time, relationships have been cemented and trust developed.  It is hard to overstate the value of this foundation when working in a place-based way that seeks to deliver strong outcomes for our communities than what could ever be delivered separately” Mr Piu said.

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