Snapshot of Homelessness and Housing in the South Metropolitan region

The Imagined Futures Housing and Homelessness working group was formed to support the State Government’s 10 year Homelessness strategy with place-based interventions.  To be able to deliver on the high-level directions laid out, the working group identified the need for the development of a regional plan for the South Metropolitan region to foster alignment, generate clarity and guide key directions and actions.  Consultant, Pauline Logan, has been engaged to lead the process.

As part of the preparations for the development of the Plan, Pauline has gathered insights via consultations, information gathering and a desk top review to provide a Snapshot of the region. The Snapshot seeks to inform the differing levels of awareness about what is happening across the region and recognises that the regional context is impacted by the wider homelessness and housing system.  It also seeks to inform different roles and interests of stakeholders.  A copy of the Snapshot can be found here